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Southern Manitoba Awakes to Crippling Cold

December 9, 2013 8:28 AM | News

Block Heater Plug CordIt’s brutal out there today, Winnipeg.

The city and much of Southern Manitoba woke up Monday to -30°C temperatures and a wind chill even colder as the deep freeze helped usher in the work week.

Motorists who didn’t plug their vehicles in overnight may be needing a boost or even a tow. CAA Manitoba says the wait time for battery service is 3-4 hours and about the same time for a tow.

“Temperatures like this take a substantial toll on your car,” said CAA Manitoba spokesperson Liz Peters. “Especially when the temperature persists three or more days, we start to see more problems. A lot of them could be prevented by simply plugging your car in.”

It takes 40 percent more power from your battery to start the engine when the temperate dips below -18°C.

CAA suggests plugging in your vehicle for at least an hour before heading out — saying that even a short period can help get the engine going.

CAA serviced 2,500 members over the weekend and expects today to be its busiest of the winter with more than 1,000 calls.

The good news is that we’ll warm up (barely) by later today with a high of -23°C and sunny skies. However, the wind chill is sticking around and will make it feel more like -39°C

— Staff