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Manitoba Government Asks for Input on Real Estate Agents

December 18, 2013 10:10 AM | News

Manitoba LogoThe Manitoba government is asking ‘Tobans for ideas on how to make sure consumers are treated fairly by real estate agents when they purchase a home.

“A home or condo is the biggest purchase a family makes, so Manitobans need to be certain that real estate agents are working on their behalf and charging a reasonable price for their services,” said consumer protection minister Ron Lemieux. “We want to hear from Manitobans about their experiences and their ideas on what we can do to ensure real estate agents are acting in the best interests of families.”

Manitobans are encouraged to tell the government about their issues surrounding agent fees, agent duties, bidding wars and whether agents are working for the buyer or the seller.

The closing date for the survey is February 28. Manitobans can fill out the survey online at manitoba.ca/finance/realestate.

Written submissions can be sent by email to realestate@gov.mb.ca or by regular mail to the Manitoba Securities Commission, 500 – 400 St. Mary Ave., Winnipeg  R3C 4K5.

— Staff