Community Café Helping People Through Long, Cold Winter

Bell Tower Community CaféThe Bell Tower Community Café is hosting people from West Broadway, Wolseley, and across Winnipeg today for the “Our Winter Union.”

The weekly café recently opened to provide warm meals to the city’s less fortunate during the cold winter months.

“Winter was often referred to as the ‘famine months’ because communities were not certain of making it through the winter and starvation was common,” said Greg Glatz, community café director and community minister at Westminster Church. “Even today, winter is hard on people who struggle with extra costs for food, clothing, utilities, and transportation.

Recording artist Kerri Woelke will be on stage tonight as the café serves turkey sandwiches, tarts and cookies, tea and coffee beginning at 6:30 p.m.

The Bell Tower Community Café is a Friday night food bank housed out of the Westminster Church.


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