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Riding Mountain Reiterates Ban on Snowmobiles in Park

December 31, 2013 8:48 AM | News


Snowmobilers enjoy the groomed trails. (PARKS CANADA)

With the recent snowfall in Riding Mountain National Park and much of the province, park officials are reminding snowmobilers that using their vehicle inside the park is prohibited.

Snowmobilers, however, can be used on the ice surface of Clear Lake for the purpose of ice fishing, designated sections of the Park boundary that are maintained by the Ochre River Snowmobile Club and the Dauphin Snowmobile Club, and the Russell Trail on the northwest corner of RMNP.

Snowmobile access to the ice surface on Clear Lake is permitted only from designated launch sites at the Boat Cove, Frith Beach, Spruces, and the Clear Lake Golf Course.

The Riding Mountain Trail Stewards and Friends of Riding Mountain Trail Stewards only are authorized to operate OSVs on designated Nordic ski trails and related areas for the purpose of grooming ski trails.