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‘WindCity’ Comedy Series to Premiere

January 6, 2014 8:30 AM | Entertainment

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A new made-in-Winnipeg web comedy series is set to premiere on Tuesday.

“WindCity” was created by Paul Vieira, with the backing of numerous local organizations who have hopped on board to sponsor the series.

Season 1 follows a man who embarks on a mission to reclaim his business and the love of his life, where he finds inspiration in the most unlikely place.

The series stars Adam Hurtig (as Dylan), Rebecca Gibson (as Kate), Sierra Noble (as Switch), Kyle Nobess (as Sam), Sarah Constible (as Julia), Trish Cooper (as Loni Chase), Ali Tataryn (as Morgan), Karl Thordarson (as Duke) and Abbey Thickson (as Olivia). Guest stars include Kevin McDonald and Ace Burpee.

Media and the business community have been invited to the premiere Tuesday morning at the RBC Convention Centre.