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VIDEO: Warming Huts Ready for River Trail Debut

January 24, 2014 1:22 PM | Entertainment

The winning warming hut designs were shown off in the flesh Friday at The Forks.

Five new huts will grace the Red River Mutual Trail this year, built by teams from across Canada as chosen through an international competition.

Two of the winning designs come from Toronto and another from Vancouver. The fourth hut comes from a student submission at the University of Manitoba and the fifth is from famed Manitoba architect and artist Étienne Gaboury, who was invited to participate and created Voyageur Hut.

“We encourage people to come down and check out the architects in action,” said Paul Jordan, chief operating officer with The Forks. “They’ve come up with these incredibly innovative ways to use materials that will have us engaging with the huts on a whole new level. It’s very cool to see them be transformed from concept to reality.”

The competition, announced last July, received 190 submissions from across the world. The huts will remain on the river trail until March.

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