Couple Located After Becoming Disorientated in Lake of the Woods

RCMP Crest LogoA couple who got lost while snowmobiling and ice fishing in Lake of the Woods last weekend has been located.

On Sunday afternoon, RCMP received a report of a 20-year-old man and 20-year-old woman who were overdue from their trip while travelling in a party of four.

The couple was ice fishing in a hut about 11 kilometres east of Birch Point when they became disoriented trying to make it back to their vehicle. The other members in their group flagged down another snowmobiler when the couple didn’t return to pick them up.

RCMP say the pair didn’t have GPS and the weather at the time produced blowing conditions with little to no visibility. They were able to start a fire and spend the day and night in the bush before being able to get help.

At day break, rescuers found the pair in Roosevelt, Minnesota, where they had travelled about 40 kilometres before their snowmobile broke down.

The couple was transported to the hospital in Roseau, Minnesota, where the man is being treated for frostbite.


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