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World Data Privacy Day is Today

January 28, 2014 10:50 AM | News

If you’re looking to upInternet Ethernet CableIf you’re looking to update your passwords or review your online security procedures, today is the day to to it.

Government offices, corporations and privacy professionals around the world are marking International Data Privacy Day today, and the Manitoba Ombudsman is celebrating by reminding everyone to give the protection of privacy and data a greater priority.

“Our personal information is valuable. By taking some simple precautions we can minimize the likelihood that we’ll leave ourselves open to a privacy breach,” said acting Manitoba Ombudsman Mel Holley. “Key personal information such as your name, address, date of birth, Social Insurance Number, driver’s license number, credit card number, or banking information can be used to steal your identity, withdraw money from your accounts or open new ones, make purchases, apply for credit cards or loans, redirect mail, and more.”

Data Privacy Day highlights the impact that technology is having on our privacy rights and underlines the importance of valuing and protecting our personal information, she added.

To mark Data Privacy Day 2014, Manitoba Ombudsman has produced a short video that highlights five tips for protecting personal information. Tips include carrying only the identification and payment cards you need, destroying old financial information and removing any geotagging metadata from photos posted to social media sites.

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