WAG Marking 35 Years of the Stoneware Gallery

WAG Marking 35 Years of the Stoneware Gallery

Winnipeg Art GalleryThe Winnipeg Art Gallery is marking 35 years of the Stoneware Gallery by displaying the works of 17 contemporary ceramic artists from February 7 to March 9.

WAG visitors can also sip wine from porcelain goblets or have some tea in a stoneware tumbler while they peruse the show.

“Long running co-operatives, like the Stoneware Gallery, are a vital part of the art community helping artists grow creatively and become empowered economically”, said Stephen Borys, director and CEO of the WAG. “The Stoneware Gallery has been a strong influence on the direction of ceramics nation-wide, and we are pleased to celebrate their legacy here in our own Gallery Shop.”

The free public opening reception is on Friday, February 7 from 6-9 p.m. in the Winnipeg Art Gallery Shop.


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