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U of M Students Camp Out in National ‘5 Days’ Campaign

March 11, 2014 8:45 AM | News

By Brian Schultz

5 Days for the HomelessFive students from the University of Manitoba are sleeping outside to raise awareness and donations for Resource Assistance for Youth, Inc. (RaY).

For five nights, the students will join others from 26 Canadian universities as part of the 5 Days for the Homeless campaign, which began March 9.

“After visiting RaY, I’m very excited to share what I’ve learned. I never knew Winnipeg had the largest youth homeless population in Canada,” said participating student Sara Bulloch. “It’s a very worthy cause and I’m ecstatic to sleep outside to help raise awareness about the issue.”

Riley George, Sam Davidson, Martin Michalak, and Matt Odger will also forgo the comfort of their homes to live outside on the U of M campus for five nights, while still fulfilling their duties as students. They will not be able to shower or purchase any meals and must fulfill all their regular student duties as the campaign attempts to raise this year’s goal of $20,000.

The ‘closing ceremonies’ for the campaign will be held Friday, March 14 at 5 p.m. at the Drake Centre.