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WAG Showcases Art Through the Eyes of a Child

March 26, 2014 8:39 AM | Entertainment

Winnipeg Art GalleryA new exhibit opening at the Winnipeg Art Gallery will showcase the works of children and teens who put their creative talents to use over the fall and winter.

“Through the Eyes of a Child” will include art from hundreds of talented young artists, represented in either a solo or group capacity.

“The kids just let their imaginations run riot in class and the result is an exhibition that brings a smile to our visitors’ faces,” said Michael Boss, head of WAG Studio. “Staff, instructors, members of the arts community, and, of course, proud parents, are invariably delighted by the outpouring of energy, skill, and imagination that characterizes this exhibition.”

The young artists — ranging in age from five to 17 — come from across the country and their art reflects an array of cultural backgrounds and traditions.

The exhibit will open March 29 and run through May 11.

— Staff