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Fielding Launches Petition to Divert $600M from Rapid Transit

March 27, 2014 11:10 AM | News

St. James — Brooklands Councillor Scott Fielding has launched an online petition to get citizens to encourage the city to make fixing crumbling roads a top priority.

Fielding made the announcement Thursday at the corner of Waverley Street and Taylor Avenue, where he said part of the city’s planned $600 million for the next phase of rapid transit could be better spent on building a much-needed underpass.

“Spending more than 600M dollars on a new mega project while our roads are in horrible shape just doesn’t make common sense,” Fielding said. “The insiders at City Hall talk about fixing our streets but when there is 600M on the table for infrastructure, they all choose new mega projects before addressing our current crumbling roads and bridges.”

According to Fielding, some of the projects that could benefit greater than a rapid transit extension are:

  • Kenaston Blvd (Ness to Taylor) — $129M
  • Waverley Underpass (Engineer estimate) — $150M
  • Chief Peguis Trail (Main-McPhillips) — $110M
  • Chief Peguis Trial (McPhillips-Route 90) — $130M
  • Edward Schreyer Parkway (Plessis to Chief Peguis) — $60M
  • William R. Clement Parkway (Grant to Wilkes) — $60M

Fielding said he’s still mulling over whether he will run for mayor in fall’s civic election.

Residents can sign the petition at ScottFielding.ca.

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