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MPI, Police Partner for Road Safety Blitz

April 4, 2014 11:30 AM | News

By Sarah Klein

Manitoba Public Insurance and local police agencies across the province are partnering up to enforce safe driving on motorists who continue to use hand-held electronic devices.

MPI is providing funding to the RCMP, Winnipeg Police Service and Brandon Police Service, as well as police agencies in Winkler, Morden and Rivers for additional enforcement. A similar campaign ran last November and resulted in 1,800 tickets being issued for distracted driving.

“Reducing fatalities on our roadways is accomplished by the proactive combination of education, awareness and law enforcement,” said MaryAnn Kempe of MPI. “According to recent polling conducted by our corporation, drivers who use hand-held cell phones is consistently rated as the most serious safety problem in the province.”

Since 2005, MPI claims data shows about 25 road deaths each year in Manitoba are attributed to distracted driving.

The penalty for using a hand-held electronic device while driving is a $200 ticket and two demerits.