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Winnipeg Harvest Honours Food Bank Volunteers

April 9, 2014 12:39 PM | News

Winnipeg HarvestWinnipeg Harvest honoured its 23,000 volunteers on Wednesday to celebrate National Volunteer Week.

Volunteers help to keep the non-profit food bank going on a daily basis, accounting for 150 volunteers each day in different areas of the city.

“We accept people the way they come to us. If they are not able bodied, we will find something they can do within their limits. If they have a mental illness, we will work with them and find something that fits with their condition,” said David Northcott, executive director of Winnipeg Harvest. “All walks of life volunteer at Harvest and that is what makes us unique. Thank you to all the Harvest Heroes.”

Many of Harvest’s volunteers have used or currently use the food bank themselves, with more than half of volunteers being clients.

About 60,000 Manitobans are fed monthly through Winnipeg Harvest.