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Crumbling Infrastructure Affecting Pedestrians, Cyclists

April 15, 2014 10:57 AM | News

It’s not only motorists who are feeling the impacts of Manitoba’s crumbling roads, but pedestrians and cyclists are also affected.

“It comes down to safety and convenience,” said Jackie Avent of the active and safe routes to school program at Green Action Centre. “If you make it difficult for cyclists and pedestrians to get around, and they don’t feel safe, they are likely to hop in a car instead.”

Avent says a decline in kids walking or biking to school in the past decade can be attributed to the lack of safe routes and poor maintenance of the sidewalks.

CAA Manitoba is wrapping up its annual Worst Roads campaign next week, where the public can vote for the “worst” section of infrastructure in their community. Over 3,100 votes have been cast for over 350 roads in the province, citing complaints such as cycling safety, poor light synchronization and crumbling infrastructure.

— Staff