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Manitoba to Ban Sale of Flavoured Tobacco

April 16, 2014 12:39 PM | News

The Manitoba government is moving to ban the sale of flavoured tobacco products in the province.

The ban will include cigars and cigarettes marketed to children. Flavoured cigars and cigarettes are often less expensive and use colourful packaging to appeal to youth.

“No parent wants their child to smoke and we should do whatever we can to keep them from picking up this dangerous habit in the first place,” said Healthy Living and Seniors Minister Sharon Blady. “Cigarettes that taste like strawberry and bubble gum in flashy packaging are attractive to children and encourage them to experiment with tobacco.”

The Canadian Tobacco Use Monitoring Survey found that youth smoking rates in Manitoba have declined to 13 percent in 2012 from 29 percent in 1999.

“We are pleased to see the province take this initiative,” said Erin Crawford, director of public affairs with the Canadian Cancer Society’s Manitoba Division. “By preventing the sale of these flavoured tobacco products, this amendment would be an important step in protecting young Manitobans from being tempted to purchase harmful products marketed as candy-like goods and ultimately help to prevent cancer.”

Menthol tobacco products, snuff and chewing tobacco are exempt from the prohibition on supplying flavoured tobacco products.