Province to Ban Synthetic Pesticides, With Some Exemptions

Lawn PesticideThe provincial government has proposed banning some synthetic chemical pesticides, but that doesn’t mean your lawn will be defenseless against dandelions.

The proposed legislation, which has been talked about for two years, would permit lower-risk pesticides for weed removal on lawns.

“It is not a matter of to spray or not to spray, but rather what you spray on your lawn,” said Conservation Minister Gord Mackintosh.

It would also see synthetic chemical pesticide-free zones on school, daycare and hospital grounds. “Manitoba families want their children to be safe everywhere they play.  This new legislation will ensure it does not matter where they are – at school, home or at daycare – they will be able to play on the grass that is free from potentially harmful chemical pesticides.”

Golf courses, farm land and residential gardens will not see the ban.

The new legislation would allow only federally-approved bio-pesticides on lawns and school, daycare and hospital grounds. It is expected to take effect in January.

— Staff


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