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Manitoba Government, Jockey Club Reach Agreement

April 23, 2014 2:09 PM | News

Assiniboia Downs

Assiniboia Downs

The Manitoba Jockey Club and the provincial government have reached a settlement after a year of bickering about who will pay for and control live-horse racing at the Assiniboia Downs.

“This agreement recognizes that MJC has entered into a partnership with Peguis First Nation which, in the long run, will enhance revenue streams at ASD,” reads a statement from the province. “With today’s agreement, the government is providing a bridge to MJC that intends to get it into a position where it will be able to enjoy the benefits of those enhanced revenue streams, while maintaining sustainability for horse racing in the interim.”

The key elements of the agreement include a VLT siteholder agreement for the MJC with Manitoba Liqour and Lotteries for 12 years. During the first 10 years, the province will provide grants that start at $5.4 million and grow smaller. After that, revenue for the Manitoba Jockey Club will come only through VLTs.

The province says with the agreement, the MJC will discontinue all of its outstanding litigation against the province.

— Staff