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Manitoba to Crack Down on Misleading TV, Internet Promos

April 24, 2014 3:01 PM | News

Manitoba LogoThe Manitoba government introduced legislation Thursday that promises to crack down on misleading internet and TV promotions in the province.

“Manitobans have told us they are frustrated by confusing promotional offers for TV, satellite radio, Internet and residential phone services including the lack of upfront, clear descriptions of the cost when the promotion is over,” said Consumer Protection Minister Ron Lemieux.  “They want special offers to be clear so they don’t end up with surprises on their bills and this legislation will make that happen.”

The new rules would include:

  • require promotional material to include the minimum monthly cost after any promotion ends
  • ensure any one-time charges for installation or equipment are disclosed
  • stop companies from charging for services that can’t be accessed due to damaged or defective equipment, unless the customer is responsible
  • end unilateral changes to prices or services if the change doesn’t benefit the customer
  • allow customers to cancel service contracts before the end of the term and prohibit unreasonable cancellation fees
  • limit automatic contract renewals.

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