Beverage Containers Get Second Life as Rain Barrels at FortWhyte Alive

By Tyler Sutherland

Coca-Cola CanadaCoca-Cola Canada has donated 300 rain barrels to FortWhyte Alive to help protect Winnipeg’s local watersheds.

The 170-litre barrels come from recycled beverage concentrate barrels, and can help reduce water bills, conserve water during dry periods, and lesson polluted run-off.

“Water is vital to communities, to the economy, to the world and to our business,” said Togarapari Chinoda, plant manager of Coca-Cola’s Winnipeg facility. “We’re always working to conserve water, reduce the amount of water we use per liter of product we produce, support community water programs like those at FortWhyte Alive.”

This is the third year of Coca-Cola Canada’s partnership with FortWhyte Alive, in which the beverage maker has donated almost 900 rain barrels since 2012. The barrels are for sale in the FortWhyte Alive gift shop, by phone at (204) 989-8355 or online at


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