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Manitoba Tories Want Public’s Policy Input

April 28, 2014 3:00 PM | News

By Sarah Klein

Brian Pallister

PC Leader Brian Pallister (HANDOUT)

Manitoba Progressive Conservatives are seeking input from across the province on policy issues to reach a broader audience of all political stripes.

“We are beginning an inclusive policy discussion that invites all Manitobans to participate in shaping the future of our great province. This will cross all regions and walks of life with the goal of becoming the most inclusive policy process in the province’s history,” said PC Leader Brian Pallister.

The Tories have created a policy blueprint to begin a broad and inclusive conversation.

“Manitobans ideas and their willingness to share them is the key to develop a policy blueprint that is equal to the potential of our great province,” said policy co-chair Brent Van Koughnet.

Manitobans can participate by reviewing the “Building a Prosperity Blueprint: Real Targets – Measurable Results” (PDF) policy document and providing their ideas and feedback online, by mail and during the upcoming consultations in the coming months. A website to solicit ideas will launch later this week.