Kildonan Place Turns to ‘Socks’ in Charity, Reward-Driven Promotion

Kildonan Place Shopping Centre
Kildonan Place Shopping Centre (FILE)

Kildonan Place will have some fun with their customers on Friday as part of its “Happy Days” promotion.

The mall will adonate $1 to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Winnipeg for each customer who brings in their odd socks to pin on the “seeking sole mate” wall at guest services.

The unusual event is part of Lost Socks Day, where customers who wear mismatched socks to the mall tomorrow will receive a new pair by showing them to customer service.

Local artist Kami Goertz will host sock puppet-making workshops for kids aged 3-12 at 10 a.m., 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. Supplies will be provided, but children are asked to bring their own odd sock.

“Here at KP, we’re all about family and we love to have fun,” said KP marketing director Corey Quintaine. “Our new Happy Day events are designed to give our customers an added perk of visiting the mall, and help out some great organizations in our community as well.”


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