Price is Right for Skilled Jobs Investment in Manitoba

Price Industries

The city and province is contributing funding to expand Price Industries’ Winnipeg manufacturing headquarters and create up to 175 new jobs.

The company is a manufacturer of HVAC and air distribution products, including new products for health care and mechanical and applied equipment.

The 50,000-square-foot expansion will also further develop the Price Research Center North, while also expanding local training opportunities to advance research and engineering capability in Manitoba.

Price Industries will receive $10 million from the province in the form of a repayable, interest-bearing, secured loan. In addition, the province will contribute $1.5 million to train the highly skilled workers needed for the expansion.

The City of Winnipeg will provide an economic investment incentive representing a total of 10 years of estimated full incremental taxes, otherwise payable over a period of 15 years, up to maximum of $800,000.

Price Industries has a local workforce of 850 people.

— Staff


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