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Police Focus on Increased Property Crime in West Winnipeg

May 14, 2014 2:36 PM | News

By Sarah Klein

Winnipeg Police CrestWinnipeg police are cracking down on crime in the west end of the city — particularly in River Heights.

Police and cadets began canvassing the neighbourhood on Wednesday as part of Project Comet.

Homeowners are being alerted to a spike in community crime in recent weeks, especially home and vehicle break-ins, vehicle thefts and vandalism. Vulnerability comes when people may be out working in their yards during the warmer months and leave a door unlocked or window open.

Police are distributing leaflets with tips on how to secure your home. Common sense things like locking your doors and windows when you’re away, making sure garage doors are closed, and securing bikes, lawnmowers and other items are just a few of the tips.

The campaign will see additional routine patrols making the rounds before police shift their attention to other west end neighbourhoods.

Further information on securing your home and preventing neighbourhood crime can be found on the city’s website.