Manitoba Highway Workers to Be Better Protected

By Brian Schultz

Steve Ashton
Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation Minister Steve Ashton announces amendments to the Highway Traffic Act during the annual Safe Roads Campaign on Thursday, May 15, 2014. (SHANE GIBSON / METRO WINNIPEG)
Osborne Street
Tougher penalties for drivers while speeding through construction zones take effect on Friday. (STAN MILOSEVIC / CHRISD.CA FILE)

New rules to better protect construction workers along Manitoba’s highways take effect on Friday.

Amendments to the Highway Traffic Act include stiffer fines for speeding through a construction zone, regardless of the presence of workers. The new legislation will also clarify requirements to mark and sign construction zones, and eliminate the use of signs requiring lower speeds only when passing workers.

“We are sending a message to drivers that speed limits must be followed in construction zones at all times and exceeding those limits in a designate construction zone will result in fines that are double those applied for speeding elsewhere,” said Infrastructure and Transportation Minister Steve Ashton. “These amendments will improve safety for the people working to improve Manitoba’s roads and highways.”

Double speed fines will apply in designated construction zones that are marked with the special signs identifying them as designated construction zones. Speed fines will double even if the speed limit in a designated construction zone is not reduced.




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