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VIDEO: Safe Boating Awareness Week in Manitoba

May 15, 2014 2:19 PM | News

As the long weekend quickly approaches, many Manitobans may find themselves on the water or in a boat. To reinforce the importance of safety this season, Safe Boating Awareness Week runs from May 17-23.

The Lifesaving Society and the Manitoba Coalition for Safer Waters have partnered with the Canadian Safe Boating Council to promote safe, responsible boat-operator practices and educate the public on the importance of safe boating to decrease the number of boating fatalities that occur each year during boating season.

“A hundred lives would be saved every year in Canada if every boater took basic safety precautions,” said Carl Shier, chair of the Manitoba Coalition for Safer Waters. “From wearing a lifejacket to never drinking and boating, we’d like to see everyone have fun while practicing safe boating.”

All boaters who operate a watercraft in Canada must have a competency card. Courses can be taken through six-hour classes provided by the Lifesaving Society in Manitoba or a number of online providers.

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