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VIDEO: Electric-Vehicle Charging Station Installed at The Forks

May 22, 2014 11:08 AM | News

Electric-vehicle owners in Winnipeg now have a publicly available charging station to power up their environmentally-friendly rides.

The province has partnered with The Forks to install an EV charging station near the main entrance of the popular tourist spot.

“As electric vehicles gain acceptance and popularity, our province’s low-priced electricity will help make this option more affordable and an attractive alternative to fossil-fuelled vehicles,” said Municipal Government Minister Stan Struthers.

Additional EV charging stations are planned for other sites, including at Assiniboine Park. The level two chargers provide 240 volts and will give a full charge in approximately half the time of a level one charger, which is comparable to that of a block heater and provides 120 volts.

The province has also launched a new website at DriveElectricManitoba.ca, providing information for electric-vehicle owners. The site was prepared jointly by the province, CAA Manitoba, Manitoba Hydro, Manitoba Public Insurance and Red River College.

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