Tim Hortons Launches Mobile Payments

Tim Hortons Mobile Payments
Tim Hortons announces the launch of mobile barcode payments at restaurants across Canada and the United States, providing a secure, quick and easy scan-to-pay option for iOS, Blackberry and Android users. (TIM HORTONS / CNW GROUP)

Tim Hortons has made the leap to accepting mobile payments at restaurants across Canada and the U.S.

The coffee chain has implemented barcode technology through its TimmyMe app, allowing customers to quickly show their device to the cashier to make paying for a coffee or other item as quick and easy as possible.

The app, which includes existing features such as locating the closet Tim Hortons location and nutritional menu information, is available for iOS, Android and BlackBerry 10.

“Enhancing our technology so that guests can store their digital Tim Card in their phone for quick and easy payments is an added convenience we know customers will enjoy,” said chief operating officer David Clanachan in a release.

Support for Passbook on iPad and iPod is also available.


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