Siloam Mission to Begin Composting Through New Program

By Sarah Klein

Siloam Mission, 300 Princess Street (HANDOUT)
Siloam Mission, 300 Princess Street (HANDOUT)

Siloam Mission has partnered with Samborski Environmental to launch a composting program.

The Winnipeg homeless shelter has received five new composting bins to help the facility cut down on waste by up to 50 percent.

“We are so excited to have this chance to go green with our waste disposal,” said food services manager Chris Buffington. “Siloam is always seeking to extend its contribution to the community and this is an incredible partnership benefitting the whole neighbourhood.”

With the help of Samborski Environmental, Siloam will help turn organic waste into compost for gardens across the city.

To keep with the green theme, staff at the shelter have been encouraging people to donate ‘green’ items, such as lids or labels, green produce, and environmentally green products.


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