Drivers Not Slowing Down in Construction Zones: RCMP

RCMP Crest LogoMounties have a strong message to motorists driving through construction zones: slow down.

Construction crews working in Steinbach have recently been subjected to drivers speeding through their work environment, prompting Manitoba RCMP to remind motorists to lay off the gas.

Several complaints have been lodged with the Steinbach detachment, worried for the safety of workers on the job.

RCMP have issued $10,000 in speed fines in the community over the past few days.

Speed limits are reduced in construction zones whether workers are present or not. The Manitoba government also recently passed legislation to increase fines drivers can receive if they’re caught going above that limit.

The fine for travelling 10 km/h over the posted speed limit is $312.25, while 20km/hr over the speed limit is $573.50, 30km/hr over the speed limit is $835.75 and 40km/hr over the speed limit is $1097.


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