Police Officer Safety at Root of Changes to Public Disclosure Act

Winnipeg Police

Changes to how police officers are identified in public disclosure lists are coming from the province.

Manitoba Finance Minister Jennifer Howard says off-duty police officers are being targeted at their homes based on information publicly available, such as annual salaries of public service employees earning more than $50,000.

“These amendments would protect police officers while still ensuring Manitobans have a full picture of public-sector salaries,” Howard said of the proposed changes to the Public Sector Compensation Disclosure Act.

The proposed amendments would exempt police officers from having their names disclosed and use individual numeric identifiers instead, adding salaries would continue to be reported under the act to ensure transparency and accountability.

Mike Sutherland, president of the Winnipeg Police Association, says it’s a move in the right direction.

“While upholding the principle of salary disclosure, this measure reduces the vulnerability of officers and their families,” Sutherland said.

All disclosure reports from 2013 must be made available to the public by the end of the month.


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