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Winnipeg Ranks Eighth in Amazon’s Most Well-Read List

June 10, 2014 10:18 AM | News

Amazon KindleHow well-read are Winnipeggers? According to Amazon.ca, we’re closer to the middle of the list of 20 Canadian cities when it comes to purchasing print and Kindle content.

The website has rolled out its second annual list, compiling sales data from last May to this May on a per capita basis in cities with more than 100,000 residents.

Winnipeg ranked eighth between Toronto and Ottawa.

“On the heels of announcing the winner of the Amazon.ca first novel award, it’s great to see Canadians’ love of reading from coast-to-coast,” said Alexandre Gagnon, country manager for Amazon.ca. “Whether it’s a sci-fi thriller or a love story, this year’s data shows a nation of passionate readers with a hunger for a variety of genres.”

The No. 1 spot went to Calgary, where popular genres include sci-fi and self-help books. The Alberta city also ordered the most Kindle books. Vancouverites purchased the most print books.

Most Well-Read Cities in Canada:

1. Calgary, Alberta
2. Vancouver, British Columbia
3. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
4. Regina, Saskatchewan
5. Edmonton, Alberta
6. London, Ontario
7. Toronto, Ontario
8. Winnipeg, Manitoba
9. Ottawa, Ontario
10. Kitchener, Ontario
11. Burnaby, British Columbia
12. Mississauga, Ontario
13. Gatineau, Quebec
14. Windsor, Ontario
15. Richmond, British Columbia
16. Markham, Ontario
17. Surrey, British Columbia
18. Brampton, Ontario
19. Halifax, Nova Scotia
20. Hamilton, Ontario