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All Hands on Deck This Summer

June 10, 2014 7:58 AM | News


(NC) — Summer is here and you are looking at your deck or patio and wondering how much longer it’s going to last.

Is it starting to splinter? Are the stones rough and painful to walk on? How are you going to find the time or money to fix it without cutting into your free time or without blowing the budget? It’s no secret that a deck replacement is a big investment – one many of us like to avoid where possible. So, before you dig into your wallet or get out the sledge hammer, make sure you’ve explored your options.

First, start by checking your deck or patio carefully to make sure the structural integrity is sound. Improving the look of a deck that is damaged won’t extend its life. The same goes for a path or patio that has heaved excessively over the winter or is full of puddles after it rains. In those cases, a more significant repair, or replacement, is needed.

A Small Repair

Sometimes the entire deck isn’t in need of an update, just certain trouble spots. In this case, there’s no reason to do an overhaul – just a simple touch up is needed. For example, if you’re experiencing cracks in cement or divots in your wood, there are a number of filler solutions available today that can help combat these issues.

A Fresh Look

If your wooden deck is still structurally sound but visibly in need of help, it may be time to consider a fresh stain. When taking on a stain project be sure to properly prep and finish your surfaces – cleaning and sanding prior to staining, and using a quality clear coat or sealer following application, will provide the best results and longer-lasting protection.

A Firm Fix

If your deck is beyond simple beautification, but structurally sound, the answer may be to ‘restore’ it.

New products available on the market such as Restore (by Rust-Oleum) are allowing homeowners to update the look and durability of their decks without having to replace. And what most people love is that it’s thicker than most other deck coatings, allowing it to be applied right onto existing surfaces without stripping or sealing.

“Restore is an advanced coating designed to reinvigorate your wooden decks, concrete patios and even vertical surfaces such as retaining walls,” says Lawrence Genga, the senior director of marketing and research and development at Rust-Oleum Consumer Brands Canada. “Its thick application fills in imperfections, locks down splinters, and provides lasting protection against moisture and the damaging effects of the sun. It’s also slip-resistant.”

With product options like this, you can be sure that a deck or patio restoration will be at the top of every ‘honey-do’ list this summer.


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