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MWF Wants Ban on Hunting After Dark in Manitoba

June 12, 2014 8:00 AM | News


A shooter sighting in the target. (via Shutterstock)

The Manitoba Wildlife Federation is calling for a province-wide ban on hunting at night. Contrary to a newspaper article in late May, the federation says night hunting still remains legal in the province for aboriginal people.

“There are too many uncontrollable variables at night — there may be buildings behind your target you can’t see, livestock, or worse, other rights-based hunters,” said Rob Olson, MWF managing director. “Night hunting just doesn’t make sense and puts citizens at extreme risk.”

The federation also raised concern that the hunter safety training in conducts on behalf of the province is not mandatory for aboriginal hunters.

“We have never understood why provincial policy exempted rights-based users from mandatory safety training like everyone else,” said MWF president Brian Strauman. “This practice puts aboriginal hunters and others at risk and changes are needed now.”

The MWF says bright orange clothing to be worn during big game season is also optional for rights-based hunters. They’re calling on the province to immediately amend hunting laws to increase safety for every hunter.

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