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Mosquito Surge Expected Following Weekend Rain

June 17, 2014 1:45 PM | News

The City of Winnipeg is warning residents to be prepared to swat.

After the significant amount of rain the city received received last weekend, the second generation of summer nuisance mosquitoes are beginning to hatch.

While the city-wide trap count currently sits at nine, Insect Control Branch superintendent Ken Nawolsky showed off a collection of 200 mosquito larvae found in standing water in a Charleswood backyard.

“If you can’t treat them, at least try and remove the water so that the mosquito larvae won’t develop,” Nawolsky said. “A lot of the mosquitoes that you do see in your neighbourhood are actually developing in your own neighbourhood.”

As the weather warms up, more mosquitoes are expected to hatch and increase trap counts throughout the city.

The city is continuing its larviciding program and fogging hasn’t yet commenced.

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