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New Tactical Emergency Medical Unit to Hit Winnipeg Streets

June 23, 2014 2:18 PM | News

Winnipeg Police


A new Tactical Emergency Medical Support (TEMS) unit has been created by Winnipeg police and city fire-paramedics.

The unit will enable paramedics to better care for those involved in high-risk emergency situations, while a specially-trained paramedic team will be able to provide on-the-spot care to police, victims, or others affected by a high-risk event.

“In these dangerous situations, every moment makes a difference,” said Manitoba Justice Minister Andrew Swan. “Having a specially-trained and equipped team of medics standing alongside police officers will help ensure fast and appropriate medical care for first responders and everyone else at the scene.

TEMS paramedics will be able to accompany tactical members into high-risk scenarios rather than waiting on standby and increasing the rate of care needed to a potential vicim. Unit members will not be armed, but will be equipped with the same protective equipment that tactical law enforcement officers are provided.

The Manitoba government is providing $20,000 towards the purchase of equipment for the unit through the Criminal Property Forfeiture process.