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CancerCare, Safeway Partner to ‘Kick Cancer’ in Manitoba

June 25, 2014 7:55 AM | News

Safeway - Cancer - Eat Well

New Eat Well signage in Manitoba Safeway stores to educate customers on reducing their cancer risk. (TONY NARDELLA PHOTO)

A new campaign to remind Manitobans to eat healthy and help reduce their cancer risk has been launched in Manitoba.

The Eat Well campaign is part of the CancerCare Manitoba Foundation’s ongoing efforts to educate Manitobans about five lifestyle choices that can reduce risk of cancer by up to 50%.

The five choices include being smoke free, eating well, shaping up, protecting yourself from harmful UV rays, getting checked by a health care professional and following cancer screening guidelines.

Safeway will share “Eat Well” messages with their customers in-store and through social media. The message is also being reinforced with an AdBar promotion at check stands in all 28 Manitoba Safeway locations.

— Staff