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Mayoral Candidate Bowman Would Open Data at City Hall

June 26, 2014 11:54 AM | News

Brian Bowman


A Winnipeg lawyer vying to be the city’s next mayor says an open-data policy needs to exist at the civic level.

Brian Bowman says an open data plan would improve openness and transparency at City Hall, bringing Winnipeg in line with other cities such as Regina, Edmonton, Toronto, and Brandon.

“Winnipeg’s current plan does not provide citizens and businesses with easily accessible and readable information,” Bowman said. “Right now the process is cumbersome and overly restrictive and reactive. Why can’t someone go online and see mosquito trap counts, or what neighbourhoods are at risk for frozen pipes? Why can’t the city tell us which roads are in the worst shape?”

If elected, Bowman said his plan is to reduce FIPPA requests to the city by 25 percent during his first year in office, as well as identify and release the top 20 pieces of city information most frequently sought after.

The civic election is October 22.