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Steeves Would Serve Only Two Terms If Elected

June 27, 2014 9:19 AM | News

Gord Steeves


Former city councillor and mayoral hopeful Gord Steeves says he will only run for two terms if elected.

Steeves announced the term limits on Friday, pleading to ask his fellow councillors to do the same. He would also declare any political affiliations on the floor of council and ask councillors to follow in declaring theirs.

“These initiatives are based on my extensive experience at City Hall coupled with my core beliefs and what I have heard from the citizens of Winnipeg,” Steeves said.

Steeves would establish weekly public meetings for anyone to meet and discuss their concerns with the mayor.

He would also establish a plan that accountably links administrative performance targets with operating and capital budgets.

Six other candidates are running for mayor.

The municipal election is October 22.