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Siloam Mission Reopens Basement After Flood

June 27, 2014 8:44 AM | News

Siloam Mission - Boeing

Siloam Mission celebrates the reopening of its basement with Boeing Winnipeg on Thursday, June 26, 2014. (FACEBOOK)

Employees from Boeing Winnipeg stepped up to repair water damage caused to the basement of Siloam Mission last December.

A broken sprinkler head devastated the homeless shelter, which relies on community donations to serve the city’s less fortunate.

“We lost a lot food and supplies due to water damage. We also discovered that the way we were using our space needed to be significantly improved,” said Floyd Perras, Siloam Mission’s executive director. “We needed to move our food storage away from pipes to ensure we meet code and to protect the donations our community entrusts to us.”

Boeing is a long-time Siloam supporter and helped to redesign the more than 100-year-old basement. With a construction plan in place in May, Boeing volunteers worked side-by-side with Siloam staff and volunteers to completely transform the once cramped space into a dynamic and efficient hub.

“Our basement is where the action is. All donations come through here — food, kitchen supplies, clothing, essential items, maintenance materials — everything we rely on to serve the folks who rely on us,” Perras added. “They helped us improved more than the space, they elevated the way we work.”

The cost of the donated design expertise and labour is around $51,000.