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Manitoba to Breach Hoop and Holler Dike

July 4, 2014 6:14 PM | News

A deliberate breach was made in a dike at the Hoop and Holler Bend along Highway 331 Saturday during a controlled release. (GOVERNMENT OF MANITOBA)

A deliberate breach made in a dike at the Hoop and Holler Bend along Highway 331 for a controlled release during the 2011 flood. (GOVERNMENT OF MANITOBA)

The province plans to breach the Hoop and Holler Bend in southwestern Manitoba for the second time in three years.

The dike near Portage la Prairie was cut in 2011 to conduct a controlled breach and protect surrounding properties from flood water.

Since declaring a provincial-wide state of emergency earlier today, Premier Greg Selinger says the situation has worsened. Water is arriving faster and higher than originally forecast from Saskatchewan.

The crest on the Assiniboine River is expected to hit Brandon by noon on Saturday, rising to 1182.89 feet above sea level.

Pre-evacuation notices are being delivered to up to 2,500 Brandon residents this evening to areas north and south of the river. Evacuation centres have been secured at ACC North Hill Campus and the Keystone Centre.

Further east, the Portage Diversion is preparing to see increased flows. Members of the Canadian military will begin arriving on Saturday to the area, where a command centre will also be established to assist residents of Portage la Prairie sandbag. About 500,000 sandbags will be made over the next few days.

Approximately 698 people have evacuated their homes and communities, including 160 evacuees from two communities due to spring flooding.