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Public Urged to Stay Away from Portage Diversion

July 9, 2014 9:45 PM | News

RCMP Crest LogoAs the crest on the Assiniboine River arrived in Portage la Prairie on Wednesday evening, RCMP urged onlookers not to stop and snap photographs of the Portage Diversion.

Police say people have been stopping on the Trans-Canada Highway west of Portage to take a look.

“Due to high water levels, this is an emergency area, where emergency personnel are working and heavy equipment is in use,” a statement read. “Vehicles stopped along the roadway and people walking in the affected areas are creating hazards for traffic and emergency personnel.”

There are reduced speed limits in the area and motorists are asked to slow down and drive with caution.

The river began to crest at the Portage Reservoir at 51,900 cfs earlier this evening. Flows on the Portage Diversion are approximately 33,900 cfs and flow on the Assiniboine River immediately downstream of the diversion is 18,000 cfs.