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Bowman Would Find $40M to Fix City’s Roads

July 10, 2014 11:30 AM | News

Brian Bowman


Mayoral candidate Brian Bowman says he would reinvest $40 million to fix Winnipeg’s crumbling roads if elected.

Making his first infrastructure announcement of the campaign on Thursday, Bowman said he would find an annual two percent savings in operating costs within the city to fix the roads.

“Winnipeggers feel the impact of an aging infrastructure every day and that’s not acceptable,” Bowman said. “Today’s plan will bring city council and city staff together to find 2 per cent savings in annual operating costs. Those savings will then be redirected towards fixing our roads, which is top of mind for many voters that I have met while door-knocking.”

The investment would be $10 million per year, rolled out over four years, Bowman added.

The civic election is October 22.

— Staff