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Drones and Rockets Just Small Part of ‘Space Camp’

July 10, 2014 7:56 AM | News

Space Camp

Students will take in Space Camp at the University of Manitoba from July 14-18. (HANDOUT)

Some kids go to summer camp — others go to space camp.

The University of Manitoba will host the more science-orientated gathering of young minds from July 14-18.

The camp is a one-week event, consisting of hands-on workshops, lab demonstrations and activities on engineering and science related to space.

The focus of the program will encourage high school students to continue their education, and involves post-secondary students, professors, engineers and scientists. The students will build and launch rockets, fly drones, test a tiny robot and be exposed to our University of Manitoba nano-satellite (UMSATS).

Registration is $125 and can be completed at wisekidneticenergy.ca/camps.