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More Deterrence Needed on Distracted Driving: CAA

July 14, 2014 9:00 AM | News

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Tuesday marks the fourth anniversary since distracted driving legislation went into effect in Manitoba, and CAA says it isn’t working as it should.

According to a new survey of more than 7,000 of its members, CAA Manitoba found 99 percent of people still see drivers talking or texting on their cell phone while driving.

“Last year, CAA Manitoba and its members were pleased to see demerits added to the penalty distracted drivers,” said CAA spokesperson Angèle Young. “Unfortunately, half of our Members surveyed indicated demerits have not helped ease the problem.”

The automobile association also found more than 40 percent of those surveyed believe more financial deterrence is needed to discourage Manitobans from texting and driving.

The survey adds 82.3 percent feel it is unlikely distracted drivers will be caught by police.

The current penalty if caught using a cell phone behind the wheel is a $199.80 fine and two demerits.