New Rules for Landlords, Tenants Go Into Effect Next Week

Manitoba LogoNew rules meant to help landlords get rid of problem tenants – and tenants stay protected from greedy landlords – will go into effect August 1.

The new rules include compensation for tenants “for moving costs and higher rental fees when landlords carry out renovations that create major inconvenience and are intended to drive tenants out,” said the province in a statement Thursday. “In addition, the annual rent increase guideline must now be linked to the Consumer Price Index for Manitoba and must fall within the Bank of Canada’s inflation-control target range.”

The new rules “will also allow landlords to end tenancies in response to unlawful activity if it affects the security and well-being of other tenants or causes damages. There are also changes to the appeals process so landlords can act faster on rulings where tenants have not paid their rent.”

In the hopes that landlords will allow pets, they will now be allowed to collect higher pet deposits.

— Staff


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