Mayoral Canadidate Gord Steeves Promises $100M Infrastructure Fund By Developing Golf Courses

Gord Steeves
Gord Steeves announces his candidacy for mayor of Winnipeg at the Qualico Family Centre at Assiniboine Park on Monday, October 28, 2013. (SHANE GIBSON / METRO WINNIPEG)

Mayoral candidate and former councillor Gord Steeves made his latest campaign promise on Friday, promising to close down and develop four city golf courses with the hopes of turning a $100 million profit, which would be plowed into infrastructure repairs.

“This redevelopment plan will be specifically sensitive to the areas in which they exist and will actually create a net gain of 60 acres of free, public green space for Winnipeg residents,” said Steeves.

“Through the divestment and redevelopment of these assets, The City of Winnipeg would immediately generate approximately $100 million specifically for road and infrastructure repairs, alongside ongoing newly generated TIF revenue.

“This is the only solution to date that creates a major revenue fund for road repairs without hiking property taxes.”

Steeves also took a swing at candidate Brian Bowman, saying selling the golf courses was a better idea than Bowman’s idea of toll roads.

— Staff


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