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$1 Million in Winnipeg Speeding Tickets to Be Refunded

July 30, 2014 11:40 AM | News

A slight mix-up in the wording on 2,574 speeding tickets, issued by a photo radar vehicle in a south Winnipeg construction zone, will be good news for drivers dinged for having a heavy foot.

Winnipeg police say between June 27 and July 1, a mobile photo radar unit on southbound Kenaston Boulevard south of Scurfield doled out the tickets under the offence and title: “Speeding, Section 95 (1).”

Police say it was an administrative error and the correct offence title and citation is, “Speeding in a Designated Construction Zone, Section 95(1) (b.1).”

The value of the tickets issued is about $1 million.

Due to the improper wording, the WPS recommended to the province that the tickets be refunded. Those affected will be receiving letters in the mail from the province with details on how refunds will be issued.

Motorists who are unsure whether their ticket is affected, can call (204) 945-3156 or visit Manitoba Summary Convictions Court at 373 Broadway.