TSB Deployed After Runway Incident at Winnipeg Airport

James Richardson International Airport (WINNIPEG AIRPORTS AUTHORITY)
James Richardson International Airport (WINNIPEG AIRPORTS AUTHORITY)

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada is deploying a team to Winnipeg’s James Richardson International Airport after an incident on the runway.

The TSB says a landing aircraft had to go around to avoid an aircraft in the runway area.

The missed approach involving two WestJet planes occurred on Monday, according to a Winnipeg Airports Authority spokesperson.

WestJet says a 737 was cleared to land and a WestJet Encore Q400 was cleared to hold short of the stop line, in advance of the runway.

“The 737 was then instructed by air traffic control to initiative a missed approach, which simply means the aircraft flew over the airport and landed on the second approach,” WestJet spokesperson Robert Palmer told ChrisD.ca in an e-mail. “Missed approaches are not uncommon procedures, our pilots are trained for this type of scenario and neither aircraft or the guests or crew on board were at risk.”

Last week, the airport reopened one of its runways after a $8.2 million rehabilitation project.

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