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Bowman Would Create Long-Term Infrastructure Plan

August 6, 2014 2:12 PM | News

Brian Bowman


Mayoral candidate Brian Bowman said Wednesday he would create a long-term plan to repair and build the city’s roads, public transit and active transportation networks.

Through a cost-neutral “BuildWINNIPEG Partnership,” Bowman said the 10-year plan would fix the city’s crumbling infrastructure.

“For too long the key stakeholders that contribute to Winnipeg’s transportation infrastructure have worked independently without a coordinated focus and vision towards long-term sustainable growth,” said Bowman. “For Winnipeg to reach its full potential, it is critical to bring all stakeholders together in a common cause that cannot be sidetracked by short-term, quick fix ideas.”

Bowman also criticized opponent Gord Steeves‘ idea of a fire sale on such city assets as the Millennium Library parkade.

— Staff